Mubashir Khan

Stigmatised and misunderstood

I am a Muslim and I believe in Allah and that the devil does exist. Good and bad magic exist too. People...

Poetry by Mudassir Khan

Life is life, but death Slowly as life passes me by, I become more and more pessimistic

You Continue with your soul

You need to centre your focus to a point. Your reason, your being. A region where,...

Poetry by Donna Dee

Everywhere----------------God is somewherethereeverywhere .. in the rustle of the leaves in the trees--Singing on a summer breeze...

9/11 and mental health

The terror attacks that took place on September 11 2001 in New York resulted in the deaths of nearly 3000 innocent civilians.

Mental health in Palestine

According to (Brady, 2020), mental health is a huge problem in Palestine, but is hardly talked about or addressed. In Palestine, estimates...

Refugee mental health

The United Nation’s refugee agency UNHCR has warned that up to 500,000 Afghans could try to flee Afghanistan over the coming months (Hancock, 2021).
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